Yarbrough's Educational Reptile Program 

    Since 1962, Tom and Mary Ann Yarbrough have presented their live reptile program all across the southeastern United States in hundreds of schools, hospitals, clubs, organizations, teacher workshops, and as a safety program for companies and industries. Presented on a level that appeals to all ages, thousands of people have witnessed this educational and entertaining program. After the passing of Tom and Mary Ann, their daughter Rebecca and her husband Ken continues the family legacy. They will instruct you in the latest first aid treatment for venomous and non venomous snake bites. The Yarbrough's set out with the goals of calming fears, eliminating misconceptions, and educating the audience with interesting facts and information dealing with various reptiles.

For over 40 years now, we have focused on delivering a great educational program and keeping the cost minimal. Because we are flexible with our program and the scheduling, we work with each school, company, ect. individually. We are able to GIVE BACK, as a DONATION, one half of the proceeds collected to school programs. We look forward to the opportunity to share our experience with reptiles with everyone. Parents and friends are always welcome to the program.


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