Yarbrough's Educational Reptile Program 

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  • For as long as I can remember, the Yarbrough Reptile Program has been a fun and learning experience for our school each year. Our students enjoy getting out of class, but more importantly the program is educational and is definitely NOT a waste of time. Instead, it is a tremendous opportunity for our students to learn about reptiles. The presentation is full of useful information that is presented in such a way that students from the age of five to eighteen are captivated. Their interest is obvious. As an educator and a sponsor of several extracurricular activities, I am constantly seeking fund raising programs. This show is an easy way to raise money and allow students the opportunity to get excited about learning. More than 90% of our student body attends the show each year. Because of the educational opportunity, I think that this is one of the best programs available to our students from kindergarten children to seniors.

          Sherry M. Smothers
          Addison High School
          Addison, Alabama

  • The Yarbrough Reptile Program is one of the few programs that we regularly invited to our school. The "Snake Lady" does an excellent job at making the program truly educational and exciting. Students are attentive because of the professional presentation. Curricular knowledge that students walk away with can be applied in their own back yards. Safety is underscored so students and teachers alike can feel confident in knowing the most effective way to handle an encounter with any native snake, especially the poisonous ones. I highly recommend that every student K-12 see the yearly presentation. As long as Mrs. Yarbrough offers this educational service, my students will definitely be given the opportunity to attend.

          Tony Johnson
          Assistant Principal
          Vinemont Elementary

  • The Yarbrough Reptile Program is more than a "snake show." It is an educational opportunity for many students in Alabama. The "show" includes viable and helpful information about snakes in our region. As a child growing up in Jackson County I remember going to the snake show almost every year. It was fun, but there are lessons that I learned as a child that I can still apply today. I feel the "snake show" is a true treasure and opportunity for the students of Alabama. I highly recommend this program to anyone that is interested in giving their students a real life learning experience.

          Cyrus C. Frost
          Vice Principal
          Weaver High School
          Weaver, Alabama

  • I have witnessed the Yarbrough Reptile Show since I was in school. Still I see new reptiles and learn new facts about snakes each time I see the show. The Yarbrough's have continued the family tradition of presenting very informative and entertaining programs. Each program is unique and presented in an age appropriate manner. Warnings and helpful facts about snakes are discussed in each program. Elementary children get excited about seeing reptiles that they have never seen and high school students want to see what new snakes the Yarbrough's have each year. Seniors make a point of being at the show so they can hold the python. The Yarbrough Reptile Program continues to bring educational opportunities to the students of this region.

        Craig Weeks
        Sulligent High School

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